Australia’s Top 5 National Parks

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Australia is home to many of the world’s best national parks, which boast of thriving rainforests, majestic land forms, and diverse wildlife. If you love to hike and want to explore the natural beauty of this country, the following are five of its must-see national parks:

  1. Mt. Kosciuszko National Park

With slopes that are covered with fine, powdered snow during the winter season, the Mt. Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales is a highly-recommended destination for anyone who enjoys various skiing activities. During the summer and the rest of the year, the site remains alive and dynamic as it attracts visitors who want to enjoy the scenic and captivating mountains, while hiking, cycling, or kayaking.

  1. Kalbarri National Park

Best known for its stunning formations and gorges, the Kalbarri National Park is a gem nestled in the western coast of Australia. All year round, tourists can visit this well-preserved and protected sanctuary and marvel at the over 800 wildflower and plant species that have found their home in the area. It also is a place to spot some wild birds, kangaroos, bats, and insects.

  1. Grampians National Park

Covering an area of more than 400,000 acres, the Grampians National Park in Victoria overflows in stunning sceneries and marvelous wildlife. It is surrounded by sandstone ridges that look spectacular from afar. Park visitors can take part in various activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and camping.

  1. Litchfield National Park

Every year, the Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory welcomes almost 300,000 visitors, and that should not come as a surprise as it has an abundance of attractions to offer. It has several waterfalls (Florence Falls, Wangi Falls, Tjaetaba Falls, Surprise Creek Falls, etc.), which can be reached by two-wheel drive cars and where visitors can enjoy a quick dip. It also has numerous walking trails where one can spot a wide variety of birds, plants, and other flora and fauna along the way.

  1. Daintree National Park

One of Australia’s oldest heritage sites, the Daintree National Park in Queensland is home to a thriving tropical forest that is said to be the oldest in the world, at more than 110,000,000 years old. It serves as the abode of over 400 species of bird, 20 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibians, and mammals such as brown bandicoot, striped possum, platypus, and musky-rat kangaroo.


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