5 Best Hiking Trails In Australia

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Australia has so much to offer when it comes to hiking. If you want to take part in an adventure through rainforests, across vast plains, over hills and mountains, and right by the beach, check out the following Australian hiking trails:

The Heysen Trail

Found in South Australia, the Heysen Trail offers a journey that is filled with picturesque sceneries — from the stunning landscapes of the countryside to the sparkling blue waters of the ocean. Covering a distance of 1,200 kilometers, you will get the chance to see the magnificent waterfalls in the Deep Creek Conservation Park, some ancient Aboriginal art and fossils unearthed in the Flinders Range, and the Wilpena Pound at the Mount Remarkable National Park.

Overland Track

Considered to be one of Australia’s most popular bush treks, the Overland Trek is a 65-kilometer adventure that seeds over 8,000 hikers every year. Its starting point is at Cradle Mountain, and it concludes at Lake St. Clair. Along the way, many spectacular types of scenery can be seen, including the grand mountains of Cradle, Rufus, Ossa, Pelion East, Pelion West, and The Acropolis, as well as bodies of water, such as the Dove Lake, Lake Will, Ferguson Falls, and Hartnett Falls.

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

A trail that offers an excellent view of the Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s northeastern coast, the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk is a fairly simple hiking trail that covers a distance of 33 kilometers. During the walk, you will be treated to a long stretch of gorgeous sandy, dazzling pristine waters, and an immaculate, thriving forest.

Stirling Ranges Ridge Walk

For the more experienced, try the ill-defined hiking trail of the Stirling Ranges Ridge, which is situated more than 320 kilometers south of Perth. It is a 23-kilometer long and difficult trek that involves a lot of steep climb that will require you to use both your legs and hands, and erratic weather (strong gusts of wind and pouring rain) that will call for the necessary equipment and gear.

Great Ocean Walk

Stretching more than 100 kilometers along the Apollo Bay and Glenample, the Great Ocean Walk is a popular Australian hiking trail that has lush and virgin woodlands, notable shipwreck sites, thriving marine ecosystem, and serene beaches. Visitors may choose among various hiking itineraries, such as a multiple-day hike through the Otway National Park or a day hike along the coast


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